Publish Zoom User Managed Oauth App

What are things surely required to publish the app. Because we are at initials phage. If you can then mentioned in details.


Please refer to this page for all the Zoom Requirements for Publishing on the Zoom Marketplace:

Also you can refer to this checklist when submitting you Zoom Integration:

Regards, Kwaku

Can you please share me a youtube video for this. It will easy for me. Before going into deep.


Unfortunately we do not have a video, because building an App still requires your own personal resources and because we do not know what resources you will use to develop your Zoom Integration, I’m sure there should be some related videos on youtube, however there are none created directly by Zoom so I cannot recommend any of them. We do appreciate this inquiry and look to add a resource like this in the future.

Yes, But you can create a dummy project for that so it will be more helpful for developer. You can post video link on your website also.


That’s understood, we will work on that in the near future as I mentioned in the last post.