Published but non-marketplace for SaaS

I work for a company that provides a SaaS product, where each client has their own self-contained environment including custom domains, etc. We want to offer Zoom integration in two flavours - user-managed (each end-user installs the app), and account-level (admin installs app once for whole user-base for that client). Since each client has their own domain, we’d create one Zoom app per client.

Given this, we:

  • Don’t need the apps to be publicly visible on the marketplace
  • Do need the apps to be installable by any Zoom user


  1. Are there any issues preventing this scenario?
  2. Can we publish the app in a way that fulfils the above two requirements? (Looks like the “Request to share this app outside this account.” link on the Submit page of the app might do this?)
  3. If (1) is possible, can you confirm we still need to comply with deauthorization/data compliance, given that it wouldn’t be on the Marketplace?
  4. What sort of approval requirements are necessary for this?

Hey @huon,

In order for your app to be installable outside your own Zoom account, you must publish it to the Zoom App Marketplace.

See my post here about limiting install access from the marketplace:


Thanks tommy, using the “visit site to install” option should work for us.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: