Setup not public Zoom app integration with independent users on single tenant app

Description: need Zoom integration to single tenant app such as SaaS. Each customer owner has separate database and app copy with own subdomain. We have created Zoom app (Intend to publish: No) with type OAuth (both Account level and user managed was created and tested, don’t know what is the difference), our developers made integration with Zoom and web app.

The problem: only user with registered Zoom app able to use integration. Each other new Zoom user should create own Zoom app or should be added to specific role and user management list in our Zoom account (App owner Zoom account) - only after this other users able to install Zoom app on the required tenant app.

Expected result: need to install Zoom app to our web app from any other account without adding it to user management lists/roles. Expected result is exactly as it works in Google Calendar, you just create event > Click to Zoom addon and create event with zoom meeting.

Hello @hero

Thank you for contacting us regarding your OAuth App. To ensure that your app is properly set up, I suggest reading this article on the differences between account and user level apps: Key concepts for Zoom Developer Platform. Please note that account-level apps may require certain permissions, such as those given to users with admin roles.

You mentioned that the “intend to publish” setting is set to “No.” However, if users outside of your Zoom account will be using the app, you must publish it on our Marketplace (Publishing apps). Please be aware that we do not allow private or beta apps to be published on the Zoom Marketplace, and access to them is restricted for security reasons.

If you would like to beta test your app before publishing it, you will need to get the Authorization URL approved for sharing with users outside of your account. Please refer to the steps outlined in this article: Sharing Private and Beta Apps.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


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