Publishing Multiple OAuth App from One Account

Use Case
If I try to publish multiple OAuth app from licensed one account which is created under an Enterprise Admin Account. Each OAuth App will be used in SaaS S/W for respective customers. Each SaaS will have different URL but same sub domain i.e., etc


  1. Is it possible to publish multiple app under single account?
  2. Will each OAuth App will have 80/s rate limit?
  3. Are there any drawbacks of having multiple OAuth account under single user ?

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Hey @khanmdmudassir,

There shouldn’t be any issues with this. You can create one OAuth App and once it’s published, any user/account will be able to authorize that app.

You can handle unique sub domains for different customers—see here for more details:

This will be accomplished with our ‘any’ wildcard, you do not need to create a new app for each customer.

You might find this post helpful as well:

Zoom Developer Relations

Thanks @will.zoom for your response,

I was able to solve the multi tenant url with the help of @tommy 's post.

But the another question I’m asking is whether each app will have the same 80/s rate limit?

Additional, if we are using then how can we handle de-authorization url?
Since we don’t have a single de-authorization url. Each customer will have it’s own de-authorization endpoint. Can you suggest any solution for the same?

Thank you!

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