Multiple App marketplace developer accounts

Is it possible to have multiple App marketplace developer accounts to test with? I know there are many users within an account, but this is not a concept that is going to carry through to production. So for us the account:user relationship will always be 1:1.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @chrismurrph,

Good question. If you need to test with multiple accounts, you can create a new free Zoom account to test with:

We don’t currently offer dedicated testing environments, though this is a great suggestion and something we hope to offer in the future.


Thanks @will.zoom,
We have created another account so now we have two App Marketplace developer accounts, under the usernames <masked> and <masked>. The first one (without the +2) is the owner of the App Marketplace Installed App, called “Audience Republic Dev”. How do I allow ‘+2’ to do OAuth with “Audience Republic Dev”? I’m presuming that “Audience Republic Dev” needs to know about all the App Marketplace developer accounts it will work with. One thing is that ‘+2’ is ‘Basic’ whereas <masked> is not.

Hi @chrismurrph,

Good question—happy to clarify.

To that end, in order to share one account’s OAuth App with another account, you will need to submit a Publishable URL request for that OAuth. You can find instructions for that here:

By default, OAuth apps can’t be shared outside of their account prior to publishing. However, requesting a Publishable URL allows you to temporarily test your app outside of your account.

Let me know if this helps!


Hi @will.zoom,
I know 3 questions need to be answered:

  • Whether or not you intend your app to eventually publish on the Marketplace.
  • The number and type of customers with whom you are planning to install this app.
  • The expected duration of time for which this URL should be active.

I’m nervous about pressing the “Change now” button. Do I need to press “Change now” then “OK” to be able to answer these questions?

I want to go to the page mentioned in your docs (see uploaded picture). How to get there?

Hi @chrismurrph,

In order to see the blue “Request to share this app…” link, you will need to click the “Change Now” button. This will set the app intention to publish to yes and make the blue link visible to you.

This will not affect the integrity of your app.

Let me know if you still have questions!

Hi, I have a question, If my is to be used by multiple admins, and they will have to generate zoom meeting link at the same time, is there any way around for other users to have access to this app? Or only one account can access the app I registered to marketplace meaning do I have to register another account with the same app to marketplace?


Good question—happy to clarify.

To that end, if you publish your app publicly on our Marketplace, multiple different accounts will be able to leverage your integration. However, if you do not publish your app publicly, only your existing account will be able to utilize the app.

Does this help to clarify? Let me know—thanks!

Hi Will, thank you for taking time replying to my question
I’m still a bit confused with the term publishing app, basically in the project I’m working on, the application is meant for admins to schedule class/sessions to their students by generating a zoom link. I see that there’s a limit of 100 meetings to create in a day, and I see the issue if one account only gets 1 api secret and 1 api key then if this is to be used by multiple admins, we might reach the limit in a day. Does publishing app to marketplace mean that we can create more accounts to generate different api secret and api key or does that mean something else?

Thank you


Thanks for the additional context. To clarify, the limit of 100 meetings per day, is on a user basis, not an account basis. So, if you were to create an OAuth App or a JWT App under your account to access our API, you’d be able to specify the user under whom you’re scheduling meetings in your API request. These users could belong to the same account. As long as they’re individual users, they would each have their own 100 meetings per day limit.

Would all these users/admins belong to your Zoom account, or would they have their own, separate Zoom accounts? Depending, one app type may make more sense for you (OAuth vs. JWT). Let me know and I’m happy to advise.


Hi Will, they would all have their own account, but our goal is to have that multiple zoom users and only one account/one api key, is that possible? How to do that? Where do I sign other people zoom account so that they can access the API? I’m creating JWT App anyway

Thank you very much for your help


I see thanks for clarifying. One thing I just want to make sure is clear—you can have a Zoom account with unique, individual users who log in and have their own profiles underneath your account. OR you can have you own account, and users can sign up for their own, entirely separate accounts.

If they will be using their own entirely separate Zoom accounts and you wish to have 1 set of API credentials, this would require OAuth. You would need to create an OAuth App and publish it on our Marketplace in order for it to be accessible to users outside of your account (following this App Submission process).

If you want to use JWT, you would need to add the users to your own Zoom account. They would have their own logins and user profiles under your account in this scenario. You could add these users programmatically via API (User Create API), and they would receive an email to sign up under your account. This method would not require the app submission process like OAuth, you would have 1 set of API credentials, and you could use JWT.

Let me know if this helps to clarify!


Hi, Will

So if I’m getting this right, and I tried earlier, it’s possible to use JWT app, have 1 API credentials set BUT we need to add other zoom users under our account, which can also be done in the setting in Then, eventhough in our app we use 1 credentials set which was generated under this parent account of other users we registered under, if later they login to our app with the same email address they’re using as their zoom account, each of them will have 100 meeating creation limit per day. Is this correct or am I still missing something?