Publishing Zoom Meeting SDK app

I am creating a zoom app using meeting sdk which basically just joins some meeting of yours from the meetings present in your google calendar and records the meeting for you. I dont require users to install any zoom app for the same, the bot would automatically join their meetings.

I am unsure how to publish such an app. While publishing the app its asking for some irrelevant fields like - oauth, app documentation, etc. However these dont seem to apply for my usecase.

Please guide me on how to publish this app

@dhruv1778, thanks for reaching out!

If you do not need your users to Oauth the app, you can put in the publishing notes that “This app will be used for a meeting bot and users will not be Oauthing it”.

  • For the Oauth URL you can put your homepage.
  • For the Documentation URL you should put documentation around how to use the bot, following these guidelines.
  • For the Support URL you should add documentation around how your users can get support. Follow these guidelines.

We’ve helped over 200 companies publish their Zoom meeting SDK app for a meeting bot use case at (API for meeting bots).

Let me know if you have any questions!