Submit app for bot automation and recording

We use the Web SDK as part of our system which is used to record meetings of our clients upon their request.

We recently received the following letter:

Dear Developer,
You are receiving this email because Zoom has identified that you are running an automated meeting client.
All automated meeting clients must use the Zoom Meeting SDK and comply with the Zoom SDK App Requirements. Zoom requires SDK applications to be submitted for review and published to the Zoom Marketplace. We require all apps to trigger the appropriate notification via our Meeting SDK when meeting content is being accessed.
Failure to integrate your service with the Zoom Meeting SDK and submit your application for Zoom Marketplace review before October 19, 2023 may result in disruption to your service.
To help facilitate your migration, you can read our developer docs to get familiar with the options that Zoom offers. Make sure you read the best practices guide on accessing meeting content on Zoom.
If you have any questions about these requirements or on how to start the migration, please reach out to us on our developer forum, reply to this email, or talk to us during our developer open hours.

Due to meeting bot lifecycle we need notify user via Web SDK that we start recording. But it is only available for Pro plans and above. It also requires local recording to be enabled. Does it mean that recording of the meetings using sdk or some part of it’s functionality will not be possible for users with free accounts and for those who didn’t activate local recording during creation of the meeting?

Will publishing the app on the market be enough for us to continue supporting meeting recording?

Hello, @bohdan.m.ko

Thank you for your message. To join meetings outside of your app’s developer account, you will need to submit your SDK App for review. Once the review process is completed and your app is approved and published, you can continue to access meetings.

Please keep in mind that there are specific guidelines for accessing the meeting’s media streams. You can find them at Meeting Bots Accessing Media Streams.

For your convenience, we have provided a detailed review process for SDK App at Zoom SDK App Review Process.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Best regards,
Yoon Conner

As i understand, there is no built-in approach in Web SDK for audio recording? Just for Windows of MacOS versions?

Hello @bohdan.m.ko

Please reference this document for the latest information about audio recording using SDK App: Meeting Bots Accessing Media Streams


@bohdan.m.ko, The bot will still work for users that are on the free plan, and typically local recording is not disabled, so the bot will be able to record still.

There are concretely 2 changes you will need to make to remain compliant with Zoom’s new Zoom bot recording policy:

  1. Publish your Zoom SDK key. If you don’t want the published SDK to appear on the Zoom app marketplace just include that in the reviewer notes.
  2. Trigger the Zoom recording consent flow, so the bot needs to tell participants it’s recording.

I totally understand it can be confusing figuring out what to do, especially because you don’t want your meeting bots to get banned.

Another option is, which is an API for meeting bots. They are already compliant with Zoom’s new policies, so you don’t need to keep maintaining the bots yourself.

Is Web SDK App enough for recording consent flow? Or Server-to-Server app required also?

@bohdan.m.ko Yes, we have a sample bot app utilizing the Web SDK: GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-web-bot-sample: A bot implementation for the Web Meeting SDK built with Vanilla JS

You can also reference how to trigger the proper consent prompt here: Meeting Bots Accessing Media Streams


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