QSS Websocket Support


We would like near realtime streaming of QOS call record data for Zoom meetings that are in progress.

The current model of Webhooks as spec’d at https://developers.zoom.us/docs/api/rest/reference/qss/events/#overview is not going to be able to scale to support tens of thousands of meetings that we plan to stream QOS data for.

  1. Do we have have Websocket support for doing this from Zoom ?
  2. If not, do we have any form of streaming support from Zoom for QSS, such as HTTP Streaming/SSE, QUIC Streaming, GRPC streaming ?


Hi @pkmist128 ,

you should be able to receive QSS events via websokets. If you are not a part of the websocket beta, please participate in the beta here: Welcome to the Zoom Beta community and we can enable websockets in your account

Hi @ojusave,

Thanks. Much appreciated. I went ahead and opted to participate in the Beta community. Can you please enable websockets in my account ?


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