Cant get QOS data via webhook

Event subscription with webhook cant get any data

I tried to creat a server to server app and add event subscription on this two event: meetting participant QOS and meetting participant QOS summary. and use the offical example : as my webhook endpoint. but when the app running, i cant get any data without the endpoint.url_validation event.

no data when using QOS webhook

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. running and ngrok http 4000
*2. running my app with event subscription , *
3. no data from zoom

Hi @nathanliu ,

Just confirming, you’ve added QSS to your plan? Quickly diagnose and resolve network disruptions | Zoom

Hey @nathanliu,

Not sure if I understand your situation correctly but it seems to me that what you have set up is your server app to have webhook event-based sent to your server and I assumed your endpoint has also been validated in your Zoom developer account.

Which QOS webhook are you looking to receive information from? For a webhook to trigger, there must be an event that has happened to fulfil to webhook requirement of when it should send you certain information. E.g. If you want the QOS information of a certain participant after he/she has left the meeting, then this event needs to happen before Zoom sends you the QOS information.

Thank you.

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Hi @gianni.zoom this is to confirm it is recently added to the plan. Here is the api he is calling Zoom API Events - QSS

@nathanliu fyi

Hi Boon, i use this webhook : Zoom API Events - QSS

refer to the document : " The Meeting Participant QoS event triggers every few seconds. When participants are in a meeting, the participants’ quality of service data is collected and sent via this event."

in my understanding, this webhook will send the users QOS data every few seconds? and in my app, i have already turn on the event subscriptions and add my endpoint url and add the event [Meeting Participant QoS] and [Meeting Participant QoS summary].

any other thing should i do?

Hi avery, yes we have the QOS in out plan :grinning: