Qualtrics Registration Survey + Zoom Webinar Registrant


I am looking for some help in regards to setting up a Qualtrics survey to sign participants to a zoom webinar. I am looking to set-up an Webservice action in Qualtrics that triggers the creation of a webinar registrant in Zoom.

I basically retrieved our zoom account App credentials (JWT App) and used the JWT Token as the token I would use in Qualtrics actions. I was unable to set-up the token as it gives me a 401 error.

“message”: “401 - “{\“code\”:124,\“message\”:\“Invalid access token.\”}””,
“needRetry”: false

I assume that i am not using the correct header or Auth. I tried the following

  • Setting my Auth up as my JWT Token
  • Setting my Auth up as my account Token
  • Setting my Auth to none and add authId as header
  • Setting my Auth to none and add authorization as header
  • Setting my Auth to none and add oauth_access_token as header

Nothing worked… I am running the corret POST JSON URL Task.

anyone has any ideas?

Hey @tstrik,

Here is an example of calling the Add Webinar Registrants API with the JWT Token:

POST https://api.zoom.us/v2/webinars/123456789/registrants

Request header:

"Authorization": "Bearer JWT_TOKEN_HERE"

Request body:

  "email": "myemail@mycompany.com",
  "first_name": "Bob",
  "last_name": "Smith"

You can also see code examples at the bottom of the endpoints page:


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