Using REST API to add registrants to webinar in other account


We will be capturing contact info for people who want to attend a webinar and we would like to post this information by adding registrants to a webinar.  The API looks fairly straightforward for this activity with the exception of authentication.

If this was our account, I think I understand how this works but this will be for our customer’s accounts.

The flow will be:

we receive the contact info via our website and post to our database

we submit the same info into the webinar registrant list using:

Having not worked with the API yet, it may be I don’t understand the authentication and token model  but the REST API part seems straightforward.

Any help you can give would be appreciated as I need to get this working over the weekend.





Hi Glenn, 

Our version 2 API uses JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for authentication. The steps to get started with your app and authentication is listed here under get started. 

  1. You can signup for an account. 
  2. Get your API Key & Secret.
  3. You can use a site like to generate a token to call the API’s. Here is a blog post with an example of how to use it with postman.

Let us know if you have any other questions.