Questions about Zoom Room Connector

Hello there! :slight_smile:
I am in need of your technical expertise and experience.
I am in charge to build a video web conference room in our hospital.
The coworkers and lecturers will be seen on the webcam and can share their topics on a pc with the help of a beamer.
Because Covid is still a pain in the ass, participants should be able to link into the meeting, they shall be seen on a wall bigscreen tv as a virtual presence, also it would be nice if they could also collect their thoughts on a whiteboard imbedded as a zoom feature as well share their works.
I considered the Zoom Web Connector, because I want to make it possible for SIP, as well H.323 protocols to connect and to manage. Therefore some questions:

  • We have a central Sophos hardware firewall.
    Which incoming and outgoing ports must be allowed for the transit?
    -The price for the subscription is for per port. How many participants can enter the meeting per port?
    -For the participants it should be no costs involved, thus free. Does only the host (the hospital) pay for it to work for everyone?
  • Which alternatives you suggest, regarding our scenario?

Ich bin darauf hingewiesen eure Fachkompetenz in Anspruch zu nehmen, da ich nicht genau das gefunden habe, wonach ich suche.
In unserem Krankenhaus wollen wir f├╝r ein Seminarraum Videokonferenzen erm├Âglichen. Unsere Mitarbeiter und Dozenten wollen dort Vortr├Ąge und Abtausch mit anderen abhalten.
├ťber eine Webcam sollen sie gesehen werden und Inhalte ├╝ber den PC mit Beamer geteilt werden.
An einem Wandfernseher ├╝ber HDMI sollen alle teilnehmenden Personen gesehen werden.
Ich habe das Abo Room Connector in Betracht gezogen, da ich sowohl Verbindungen ├╝ber SIP und H.323 erm├Âglichen m├Âchte. Diesbez├╝glich ein paar Fragen:

  • Wir haben intern eine zentrale Sophos Hardware Firewall, welche Ports m├╝ssen f├╝r alle eingehende und ausgehende Verbindung erm├Âglicht werden?
    -der Preis f├╝r das Abo bezieht sich pro Port. Wieviele Teilnehmer k├Ânnen gleichzeitig teilnehmen?
    -F├╝r die Teilnehmer soll die Teilnahme kostenlos erfolgen. Muss nur das Krankenhaus im Besitz des Abos sein?
  • Welche Alternativen bietet ihr mir an, um die Videokonferenzen zu erm├Âglichen?

You are free to answer in english, german or polnish.

Vielen Dank!
Best regards

EDIT: I know this may be the wrong forum to ask this question but support.zoom closes my tickets as soon I create them. I work in ticketing trouble sector myself, this is horendous behavior, sorry to say that -.-

Hey @Wildcard,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Unfortunately, I do not know much about the webconnector so this is indeed the wrong place to ask this question. That is strange that your tickets keep getting closed out. Have you been emailing


thats indeed worth a try, though by my experience the answers come always way too late.
Thanks for the heads up

Same thing with mail requests


We highly recommend that you submit future support request via the Contact Us link on as it offers categorization and prioritization. We will be deprecating support requests to email [mailadress) in the near future.

To better serve you, we are providing additional online resources along with some temporary changes to our support processes.

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  • We will continue to offer web support to owners and administrators of Pro accounts.
  • We will continue to offer web, chat, and phone support to owners and administrators of Zoom Business and Enterprise accounts.
  • For all accounts, other resources such as [reporting abusive behavior](a link), [querying billing](mailto billingmail)

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to your open tickets at this time. We encourage you to leverage our Online Resources. If you are a part of a corporate account, and need advanced technical support beyond our Online Resources, please contact your Zoom account administrators.

We understand that some of these changes are challenging, and we appreciate your patience as we scale up our support to meet the increased customer demand.

Zoom Support Team

Seems they promote their products by driving potential customers looney

Hey @Wildcard,

Hmm, let me follow up with my team to see if there is somewhere we could point you to. I did not know these responses were being sent out to people.


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