On-premise meeting connector deployment and testing

Dear Zoom Support Team,

We have a business license and deployed on-premise meeting connector including ZC1 + MMR1 & recording connector*1 in production. We want to verify some process of deployment.

  1. As we have only one token for the one meeting connector server, is there any way we can deploy another one for testing?

  2. Read documents that we are able to add multiple MMR to one ZC, how should we engage this process?

  3. Used command $ifconfig when installing meeting connector and found only eth0, please confirm we should set IP aliasing by ourselves for binding ZC & MMR in same server.

  4. We also applied zoom-sdk-electron for joining meeting, should we change domain to ip of on-premise is?

Thank you in advance and sorry if there’s already have answer somewhere.

Hey @duochang,

We are will get back to you with answers to your questions. (ZOOM-143160)

Thanks for your patience,

Dear @tommy,

Looking forward to your help and add one more question…
Is there any network firewall setting suggestion for on-premise recording connector?(which ports should we set)
I found information for meeting connector only.
Thank you.

Hey @duochang,

We will let you know about the firewall settings too and get back to you asap.