Questions - Hide participant list & Zoom user logged


Hi Zoom team,

We have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to hide the participant list when creating a meeting through the API? 

  2. When we create an user through the API, and we sends the link with a username defined before the login, we are experiencing this:

  • User is logged with the predefined username, in this case “Moderator”
  • Meeting ends, eveything worked as expected
  • But then, when we reopen the Zoom application to attend a call with someone the Zoom application does not ask us for our credentials and we are logged in like “Moderator” instead of our user, like for example “dpereira”.

Is there any way to remove cache, or internal storage or something else when the “Moderator” meeting ends?

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards,

David Pereira



Hi David

1.Hide the participant list? Do you mean the response content of creating a meeting through the REST API?

2.You can contact our support and talk about this


Hi @Dean

No, we mean the participant list showed on Zoom app

Is there any way to hide it permanently using any of the options of the API given a meeting ID?

Thank you



  you cannot hide that through the APIs. Our SDKs provide that flexibility to customize but cannot be done with our APIs. 


Wei @ Zoom


yo he visto que sí se puede, la otra vez me conecté a una vidnferencia y el administrador lo tenia deshabilitado.