Random Participant Selector

A Zoom group I’m a member of has a need to select a random participant from all current participants. We’re using a shared corporate account, and often don’t have more access to the zoom room than “host”, and often not even host access. Thus we don’t have API access or programmatic access via an installed plugin. (For instance, I’d love to be able to do this with a chatbot via a command that only certain users in a Zoom room could run, but I’m afraid the chat bot option won’t work here b/c I don’t have control at the corporate account level.)

I’ve written this program to at least generate a random grid coordinate in “Gallery View”. https://github.com/kappyio/zoomrando

But of course it’s a drag to have to manually scroll through half a dozen or more screens and count rows and columns to select a single random participant.

I know you guys have better things to focus on, so perhaps you could give some guidance about how I might programmatically generate a random (as random as possible, given a 64-bit system) attendee name.

Another idea I had by way of feature request was giving each participant a unique integer within the range of attendees that never changes for the length of that meeting. So if 175 participants join, the range is 175, and if 25 leave, the next participant integer would be 176, not a recycled number from the 25 who left.

Is this all super weird? haha. Thanks for any feedback.



Hey @dkaplowitz,

Appreciate your suggestion, this would be cool.

I’d say the best way to do this currently being that we don’t support “In Meeting Chat” Chatbots yet, would be to make a script that hits the Live Meeting Participants endpoint and then chooses one.