Zoom feedback and Meeting API - no participant mail address in the API response


1st API enhancement :

I need help in finding an effective and fool proof way to find the participant’s mail address using participant’s name.

Using below feedback API , i am fetching the feedback of the users experience in zoom meetings. the critical information that i see missing here in the API response is participant mail address.

Right now there is no fool proof way to find the mail address using the participants name. As the name could be the same within multiple users within Zoom.

API enhancement is to have field called “participant_mailid” as part of the response along with the participant name. This helps in fetching the participant mail id using automation and reach out to user using mail address by sending notification for further troubleshooting.

for example, below is the participant name in the API JSON response but there is no participant mail address.

‘participant_name’: ‘Inti Ramos’

API being used :

Meetings Client Feedback Detail API
GET /v2/metrics/client/feedback/{feedbackId}

{‘from’: ‘2019-01-20’, ‘to’: ‘2019-01-21’, ‘page_size’: 300, ‘next_page_token’: ‘’, ‘client_feedback_details’: [{‘participant_name’: ‘Inti Ramos’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘416151466’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T03:48:57Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Suresh Bose’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘132133336’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T04:54:06Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Surya Erlapati’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘749461811’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T05:23:14Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Pranaya Sagar Adati’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘863500082’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T07:20:49Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Leonid Suslov’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘559035948’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T15:35:55Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Bianca Vaccarini’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘766192187’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T16:50:27Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Eric Simon’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘979339396’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T17:34:58Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Nick Fabbri’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘528458161’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T17:35:04Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Prasad Kunigiri’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘5103660581’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T18:07:47Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Jennifer Holland’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘207461996’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T18:09:28Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Shruthi Cherian’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘238911697’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T19:40:21Z’}, {‘participant_name’: ‘Marie Green’, ‘meeting_id’: ‘823118464’, ‘time’: ‘2019-01-21T20:46:06Z’}]}

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2nd API enhancement :

Raised below support case but eventually this has to be a API enhancement request.

Also, request API enhancement for the below mentioned API too. The enhancement is to add “participant_mailid” as part of the API json response. below are the details

our main goal in gathering email address is to be able to reach out to participants that experienced network issues to get their feedback. This is done in a automated way and not manually.

Now to explain the issue better.

  1. fetching the participants details using API (/v2/metrics/meeting/{meetingId}/participants/)
  2. in this API output there is no mail address of the participant. once we identify participant has the network issues, we would want to reach out to reach out to user using the mail address. But mail_id doesn’t exist in the API output .

API output has the below parameter


  1. Now to find mail address of the parameter, we have to rely on “user_name” of the participant to map.
  2. fetching the all users using another API (v2/users?status=active)
  3. This API output doesn’t have “user_name” but has first_name and last_name. now to map the user based on the “user_name” we need to split the name into first and last name then map to find mail address. This mapping doesn’t work all the time as the “user_name” might not be unique and splitting of “user_name” to first and last name is also difficult for some of the names. If mapping works then we are able to fetch mail id , but mapping doesn’t work then we can’t fetch mail address of the user.

Hence, mapping of an user using “user_name” by splitting the name to first and last name is difficult and doesn’t work all the time. It would be straight forward if we can have “mail_id” parameter directly in the API (/v2/metrics/meeting/{meetingId}/participants/ ) output.

Note: if the user is external to our organisation (or) doesn’t have any mail address then the “mail_id” parameter can be a empty string.

Zoom feedback API - no participant mail address in the response

Hi @Dilip_Reddy_Guda,

Thanks for API enhancement suggestion, we’ll reach out to our Engineers about this. Be on the lookout for https://devforum.zoom.us/c/new-releases, we’ll post the new API releases there.



Hi @Dilip_Reddy_Guda,

Also, please keep in mind that unless its a breaking change, any change request to APIs usually takes a couple API release cycles (a month or two) to be available.




I definitely can wait for the requested enhancement to be implemented and made available to the users.
what i would prefer is, the confirmation by when the API enhancement would be made available so that we can plan our application development accordingly.