Rate Limit Applied at Account Level, Whose account?

Hi API team,

We are looking into the rate limit rules and have a question about this sentence:

Rate limits are applied at the account level. Rate limits will be shared by all apps created and installed on an account.

Does that mean a limit at for each of our shared clients (using both zoom and our product) who installs our apps at the level of their zoom account? Or does it it mean that our account which has published the application has those limits across all of the installations of our application?

I’m sorry if that question was confusing, but maybe it makes enough sense to answer!

A related question that maybe you can help with: I have reached out to the sales team about becoming an API partner. Our organization uses Zoom internally, but we started a separate account to own the two Oauth Apps that we are going to publish to the marketplace, and we are wondering how that can become an API partner account and if there is a way for the account fees to be waived since we aren’t using that account to host any meetings.


Hey @NGPVANEveryAction,

Apologies for the confusing rate limits. They are per developer account.


What fees do you have if you don’t need any host accounts?


Hi Tommy,

About rate limits:

We are a CRM vendor like Salesforce with 10,000ish clients, each with their own licensed zoom account. If the rate limit applies to our account that would mean that we can only make 1 api call per client every 1000 seconds (every 17 minutes). Is that correct?

Am I misinterpreting you our will our thousands of potential app users actually be limited as a unit to 10 calls per second? And if I’m not misinterpreting, how does Salesforce’s entire integration stay under 10 calls per second? Do they not have to abide by it because your team built the app? I would have thought that every one of your clients that installs an integration would be rate-limited to 10 api calls for second, not the entire marketplace app!

Also, do you enforce the rate limit for every actual second, or at the minute level (600 per minute) or the hour level (3600 per hour)?

About our account and becoming an API partner:

I have had a terrible time getting someone from Sales on the phone to discuss (which is reasonable given your current reality), but maybe you can guide me to the right place. A bit more detail than I wrote before:

  1. We don’t need to actually host any real meetings with our developer account, but we need to have webinar and meeting host capabilities for ongoing testing/dogfooding of the features we build into our integration apps. We opened a separate PRO account from our enterprise account for now to handle this, but even if this was just a user in our enterpise account (which we do not want to do, see below) it would come with a 60 dollar per month cost. We would need to maintain this extra cost forever, and since we will be driving a large number of free to Pro Zoom Conversions with our integration, we would imagine that there is some way to have an API partner account that has waived fees (as is standard with many SaaS companies).

  2. We have an enterprise account that we could use as our developer account, but our IT department doesn’t want us to use our corporate account to support a product for our clients. We will want to take advantage of your rate limit increases for enterprise/API partners when those are released though, so that is another reason I am interested in purusing the API partner account.

Any guidance you can give about the type of account that is possible or who we can talk to about this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!
NGPVAN/EveryAction Team

Hey @NGPVANEveryAction,

From our rate limit docs:

“Rate limits are applied at the account level. Rate limits will be shared by all apps created and installed on an account.”

The Salesforce integration utilizes webhooks which do not contribute to rate limits.

Per second. You will see an error message if you go over that.

Apologies for the delay, our ISV team is very backed up with requests. They should be responding soon.

This would need to be discussed with the ISV sales team: isv@zoom.us.

The ISV team should be able to help you. Due to the volume, they are able to reply in a few days, worst case a week,