Raw Data sharing. Recording with image source

Hi! Is the update you mentioned in December 2022 planned? @MaxM @vic.yang

We are interested in transferring image, in order to show the presentation in such a way that these images get to the video recording in the cloud.


Thank you for following up on this, @efron.vit! In checking the release note, we released new interfaces to support developers providing raw data for screen sharing. I should note, it looks like this feature is for our Client Video SDKs. Here is the link to the release for your reference :

Let me know if this helps!

@donte.zoom If you pay attention to the tag to this topic, you will see that ‘WEB’ is indicated there, and you are throwing off information about ‘Windows’ to me.

@efron.vit ,

Thanks for confirming! Double checked internally and can confirm raw data sharing is available for all native Video SDK platforms now. However, raw data sharing is not available on Web.

Let me know if you have additional questions about this.

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean, or you didn’t understand the essence of my problem.

Let’s clarify the point. We are talking about transferring a picture to another participant (not through the startShareScreen() method) and this picture was recorded in the cloud in parallel.

Read my original post.
If you say that in the WEB version of the Zoom Video SDK, you can exchange data so that it gets recorded, then I would like to get a link to the documentation on exactly how to do this.

@MaxM @vic.yang

Can I expect an answer to my question?

I’ve checked all the changelogs and haven’t found a single mention of what you’re talking about.

Can I expect a correct answer to my question?

Hi, @efron.vit,

I am delighted to assist with your query! May I gently suggest that you use a polite and respectful tone in the Zoom Developer forum? Our community values kindness and mutual support, and your recent responses may not reflect these principles. Your contribution in helping to create a positive and welcoming environment for all is greatly appreciated.

Regarding your request, here is my understanding of the requirement/feature:

  • Canvas sharing (similar to screen sharing) with customizable content.

  • The ability for participants to draw pictures and paint with brushes.

  • The capability to record the canvas-sharing and collaborative sessions.

Am I correct in my understanding? Based on the requirement, it sounds like you are seeking guidance on how to implement a whiteboarding feature for the video SDK, would that be accurate? If I am misunderstanding or there is anything else you would like to add, I would be happy to hear more details.

  • Could you provide a bit more information on the desired workflow for transferring pictures between participants?

  • If possible, could you share the method or a code snippet for handling the picture transfer?

  • You mentioned that many conference platforms already have this basic functionality. If you could provide an example, I would be happy to pass along your feedback to our internal engineers for their consideration, in case this feature is not currently available.

Thank you for your time and input!

I apologize if my tone seemed disrespectful to you. I just want to get an answer to my question, and I’m already creating a second topic to get an answer. But I haven’t been able to get an answer for a long time. Our roadmap depends on the results of your answers. Adding to the above, my English may not always be accurate and polite, because it is not perfect and my tone might seem disrespectful, but I assure you that it is not =)

Regarding my request, let’s go back to my first topic and highlight a few highlights:

  • don’t focus on drawing tools, it was just an example.
  • I don’t need the ability to draw with brushes. We have already implemented it.

At the moment, Zoom Video SDK (WEB) is able to transmit such streams as audio, video, and screen demonstration to other participants using its methods. It is these streams that get into the cloud record.

Let’s imagine that at the level of your methods:
that there is another method shareImage() (or sendImage) to pass HTMLImageElement, which other participants will be able to see, and this image will get to the cloud record.


Let’s say there is a shareCanvas(canvas: HTMLCanvasElement) method, and other participants will be able to see this canvas. Thus, the host can start a canvas demonstration other participants will see the ‘active-share-canvas-change’ event and start displaying for self side. After that, the host will call CanvasRenderingContext2D.drawImage() (or any other manipulation inside bets canvas) for its canvas and other participants will be able to see it. And the most important thing is that this canvas gets to the cloud recording.

I hope I managed to convey the meaning.

Thank you for reaching out and clarifying your intentions @efron.vit! To be clear, I personally do not believe it was disrespectful, however, I can understand how your post may be perceived as such by others. In Zoom Developer community, it is important to us that we maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences. We value all perspectives and strive to create a space where everyone feels heard and valued.

That aside, I appreciate the helpful information you’ve shared and am eager to learn more about your exciting use case. I do not think it is supported at the moment, but I see the potential value in it. I’ll do my best to find out if this feature is currently supported and share what I learn here. You are always welcome to submit your use case for review and consideration as well.

Thanks again for helping us create a positive and supportive community! More soon :smiley:

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Thank you, I left my suggestion for the development of additional functionality of the Zoom Video SDK in the form that you specified. :+1:


Thank you for leaving feedback! I double-checked with internal resources, and it looks like this feature is not supported. I know you mentioned that this functionality is available on the platforms. If you can share where you saw this feature, I will gladly pass it along to our developer for consideration.

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Here is an example of such a platform. But they use svg here, in your case, you can use a canvas. Canvas in this case is more convenient because it allows you to use a wide range of drawing functionality on it.
In the screenshot on the right you will see a list of files that they can show to other participants. Of course, we are not talking about creating a list of files, but about the possibility of transferring these files.


We have also implemented such functionality (unfortunately, we have a closed platform for our teachers and you won’t be able to register on it. ).
Other participants see a picture, the URL of which is transmitted to them through the command channel. But the main problem here is that we keep records of our webinars, and these images do not get to the zoom cloud recording.

I did some further digging on this and currently, the functionality you’re looking for is not currently supported. If you have not already, creating a feature request is definitely the way to go. You can submit a feature request to the relevant product team or developer community to suggest the addition of this feature.

When submitting a feature request, it’s important to provide clear and detailed information about what you’re looking for, why it would be useful, and any other relevant information that might help the team evaluate your request. The more specific and detailed your request is, the more likely it is to be considered by the team.

Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

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