Recording with image source. Canvas with arbitrary content

Hi! At the moment, you have recording with shared screen, audio and video from a webcam.

Are there plans to create a record of any images in the future?

For example, in our project, participants can share presentations with other participants, which are several pictures.
We just pass the image source through the command channel. But the problem is that it won’t get on conference recording.

Here is an example in the image

It would be great if you created canvas sharing (as screen sharing) with arbitrary content.
We could draw anything on it: pictures, paint (the one with brushes). And at the same time, it could all get on the recording.

Many conference platforms have such basic functionality. Are you planning such a development in the future?

I checked our roadmap and it looks like we have Raw Data sharing tentatively planned for Q4 2022. It should be released this month.

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