Raw Live Streaming for each user

I would like to know if it is possible to live stream separately the video of each user using the raw data functions from here

Before, I was able to create a renderer and subscribe to the video stream of each user and later on to save each raw stream to a file.

I would like now to create a renderer for each user and subscribe to each video stream but now I would send that video stream to a media server. is that possible?

I have started the raw live streaming successfully like this:

        //Variables for raw streaming
        broadcastUrl = @"";
        broadcastName = @"AI Note taker by Pagemachine";

        ZoomSDKError startRawLiveStreamingError = [_meetingService.getLiveStreamHelper startRawLiveStreaming:broadcastUrl broadcastName:broadcastName];
        NSLog(@">>startRawLiveStreamingError: %u", startRawLiveStreamingError);

But when I try to subscribe the renderer to the video stream I get the error 21: ZoomSDKError_NoLicense

        ZoomSDKRenderer *tmpRenderer = nil;
        ZoomSDKError createRendererError = [[[ZoomSDK sharedSDK] getRawDataController] creatRender:&tmpRenderer];
            //Subscribing renderer to userID
            ZoomSDKError subscribeError = [tmpRenderer subscribe:userID rawDataType:ZoomSDKRawDataType_Video];

How can I forward the video stream of each user separately to my rmtp server?

Could I use this function for that purpose startLiveStreamByURL ?

NSString *broadcastUrl = @"";

NSString *streamUrl = @"rtmp://";

NSString *streamKey = @"STREAM_NAME";

ZoomSDKError startLiveStreamByURLError = [_meetingService.getLiveStreamHelper startLiveStreamByURL:streamUrl StreamKey:streamKey BroadcastURL:broadcastUrl];

Which macOS Meeting SDK version


  • Device: [e.g. Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, Intel)]
  • OS: [macOS Ventura 13.4.1 ]

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