Re-Join Meeting results in SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE

I am able to initialize the SDK, authenticate, and join a meeting. Works great! However, if I leave the meeting and try to re-join the same meeting (same meeting number / password), the result is SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE.

Which Desktop Client SDK version?

Additional context
I am using the C# Wrapper.
I have tried handling the Meeting Status Changed event (which works) and if the status == MEETING_STATUS_DISCONNECTING or MEETING_STATUS_ENDED to then call CleanUp() - that doesn’t work.

Every time I try to re-join the meeting the SDK re-authenticates; meaning the callback for onAuthenticationReturn is called for each re-join attempt. So, for example, if I re-join 2 times, onAuthenticationReturn runs 3 times (2 times for the re-join, 1 time resulting in Wrong Usage).

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You only need to authenticate the SDK once per instance. As in, authenticating the SDK happens one time and meetings can be joined, ended, re-joined after that until the app quits.


Thanks Michael. Works perfectly.


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Hey @p3john,

Awesome! I am happy to hear :slight_smile:
Please feel free to reach out again if you have any other questions.


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