Cannot rejoin as host after disconnect/close of meeting

We are facing an issue in rejoin of the host using Meeting Web SDK
If the host closes the window or faces an disconnect for over 90seconds, all the participants get into waiting room. Now at this time, if the host is trying to rejoin the same meeting using join call using same signature (used for 1st join - as mentioned in one of the other threads listed below) he is unable to join the meeting and stuck in joining progress

UI keeps flickering between “Meeting Timeout error” and “Connecting”
In the network panel, we see a request being sent continously in an infinite loop

Please refer these screenshots for reference
Let us know if its a gap in Meeting Web SDK or Are we missing anything in the settings
Please let us know the way out of this

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
1.9.7 - latest version


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Windows 10
  • Browser: Chrome 92

Additional context
Please note that same scenario works fine for a host using Meeting Android SDK

And we already see these 2 threads on same topic - but both were closed by non-activity of 1 month

We see a mention of release CS-2192 and ETA of Dec 2020 or version of 1.8.5 - but there is no update whether it was fixed. Pls clarify the same

Hi sudharsans,

Thank you for coming up and apologize for the inconvenience.
I’ve opened an tracking id ZOOM-301440 to discuss internally to get back with you for further assistance.
Hoping to get back to you shortly.


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