Realtime Poll Results


I’m looking for a way to get realtime, or close to realtime, poll results from the API before the webinar concludes/ends.

I need to be able to wash the results against the people who voted and then deliver the results of the poll in a screenshare that have been washed.

It looks as though the API only shows poll results for webinars that have concluded. Is that right?


Hey @jay1,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and great question. At the moment, I’m afraid we don’t support retrieving poll results in real time, though this is a great suggestion. For now, you webinar will have to have concluded, as you suspected:
List Past Meeting’s Poll Results - Meetings - Zoom API - API Reference

Having said that, I think you raise a great use case, and I’d encourage you to share it in our #feature-requests channel, if you’re so inclined. :slight_smile:


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