Reattach same stream to another canvas

Video is not displayed when i reattach same stream to another canvas


Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. stream.reanderVideo(canvas, width, height,x,y,quality);
  2. store this stream to a local array
  3. do this time from the local, width, height,x,y,quality);
  4. No video is displayed

Additional context
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Hey @arunkumar.mohan ,

Thanks for reporting this. Are you seeing any error messages in the browser console?


HI @tommy , Nope, No error, Just video is not displayed on canvas

Situation is ,
1) If one stream for one user is attached to 1 canvas → works
2) If i try to attach the same stream for the same user in a different part of the app → Fails (No video)

Gotcha, thanks @arunkumar.mohan .

Have you tried stopping the video before re attaching to the other canvas?

await stream.stopRenderVideo(canvas,userId);


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