Rebranding the app

Would someone here be able to help us colour in all the apps for a client so it loos like their app instead of the zoom app ? Or point us in the right direction of someone who could, all we want to do is rebrand it, that’s it.

Which version?
All four apps on the latest version.

Hi @rich, the Zoom Client cannot be rebranded. There are layout and function customizations possible through our SDKs, but not rebranding. All SDK apps also include a ‘Powered by Zoom’ watermark.

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its not so much rebrand, but change the app logo to the clients, just so it says their name powered by zoom, which I’ve managed to do in ios app , and change it from “meetings” to “sessions”

all possible in the SDK as you say I’m not competent enough so I’m getting someone else to do it

Got it, @rich. Our Marketplace team is not able to directly recommend a developer, but let us know if you (or they) have any questions!