Meetings SDK complete Zoom de-branding

Meeting SDK Type and Version
N/A, I will use the latest, but I’m seeking guidance for now. Question is in regards to regular meetings, not webinars.

I am investigating building zoom into our web app using either the meetings SDK or the video SDK. Our use case is that we want a subset of our users to use the native zoom client, and another subset to use zoom built into our web app with no zoom branding. Some meetings will include both users connecting from the web app and the zoom client (mixed).

Since the video SDK cannot be mixed with users on the native client, it seems like the meetings SDK is the way to go. But I want to see if there is a way to totally de-brand the UI in the meetings SDK. Our need is to not see zoom branding anywhere in the web app UI, including menus, settings, URLs, etc.

Hi @fpapa ,

for white labeling, do contact our ISV team

Chun Siong

Hmm, thank you, Chun, but that email address bounced. Can you confirm that it’s


Sorry that email might have been deprecated.
Could you try instead? If you don’t get response, tag me again here.