Receiving Bad Request when attempting to create a zoom event

I am attempting to create a zoom event via the API and receiving a 400 Bad Request error without any indication what data provided is incorrect or missing.

I am posting to this endpoint using a server to server oauth2 internal app.

Working in C# to send a post request. Here is the JSON body content to create the event

{“event_id”:null,“name”:“DEV-Zoom live Event Test”,“hub_id”:“REDACTED”,“description”:“Zoom live Event Test”,“timezone”:“America/Chicago”,“event_type”:“CONFERENCE”,“access_level”:“PRIVATE_RESTRICTED”,“meeting_type”:“MEEETING”,“categories”:[“Business and Networking”],“tags”:null,“calendar”:[{“start_time”:“2023-08-02T05:00:00Z”,“end_time”:“2023-09-07T05:00:00Z”}],“status”:null,“start_time”:“2023-08-23T05:00:00Z”,“end_time”:“2023-08-23T06:00:00Z”,“contact_name”:“”,“lobby_start_time”:“2023-08-02T05:00:00Z”,“lobby_end_time”:“2023-09-07T05:00:00Z”,“event_url”:null,“blocked_countries”:}

I’ve successfully posted to the webinar API. So I’m reasonably confident the the method of posting the data is fine. Surely there is some incorrect data here but again I have no indication as to which data is problematic.

For anyone curious, I ended up solving this by providing a completely empty object, and then letting the zoom API tell me what was missing. I dumbed the request way down to something like this which worked

“name”: “DEV-Zoom live Event Test”,
“hub_id”: “Redacted”,
“description”: “Zoom live Event Test”,
“timezone”: “America/Chicago”,
“event_type”: “SIMPLE_EVENT”,
“calendar”: [
“start_time”: “2023-09-02T05:00:00Z”,
“end_time”: “2023-09-02T06:00:00Z”