Record meeting with audio and video in zoom sdk

Hi, I am asking about that is it possible to record the option show in zoom SDK because by default it don’t show and record full meeting with audio and video and save it in local storage of mobile or sd card.

Which Mobile Client SDK version?
zoom sdk client version is

Android studio 4.1.3, min sdk 26
kindly guide me about this and how i can do it or update code?

Hi @adnan.haider3783, thanks for using our SDK.

Unfortunately, Zoom does not support local recording on our mobile SDKs. Right now only desktop is supported.

In the Android SDK, you can start a cloud recording in one of two ways:

  1. Through the default UI, click on the More button and then Record.
  2. Programmatically through startCloudRecord


join meeting after that it did not show any record button after click on more button kindly guide me where it shown?

Hi @adnan.haider3783,

Can you please confirm whether you are using the default meeting UI or a custom meeting UI?


its default meeting ui/

Hi @adnan.haider3783,

Thanks for confirming. The record button will not be present in the default UI if recording is disabled for your account. Please verify that you have enabled recording and let me know if you are still experiencing issues.


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