Recording a meeting

Zoom calls (actual zoom meetings) support few features which are not available for zoom web video SDK

From the latest documentation, I understand that there currently is no option for recording a meet. Are there any plans of adding such a feature? If not what would the alternative be? How do I add an recording functionality(any hints would be helpful)?
Also, zoom provides an option to process the background (blur or add a picture). Are there any plans of adding such features in zoom video SDK? Currently, the issue I am facing is that the SDK only takes in inputs from hardware cameras. Even if I process the video I don’t know how to send render the processed video onto the canvas as the renderVideo() only takes a value from the array of hardwares available.

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Hey @krushnal ,

Correct. The Zoom Video SDK powers video, audio, screen sharing, and chat in your application. The Video SDK does not have a record session feature. You will have to implement a recording mechanism on your end for now. Example: How to record a canvas element. This is a really short tutorial in… | by Alexis Delrieu | Medium

Correct, currently the Web Video SDK renders the video stream on the canvas you specify. We do not currently offer the ability to modify the video stream before rendering it on the canvas. That being said we will take this into consideration.


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