Recording APIs Fail for Webinars with multiple recordings when latest recording is deleted

This is applicable for webinars which have multiple recordings created in system because of resuming of the session after leaving once, due to say a power failure.
If the latest recording is not relevant and if we delete it. All the APIs related to recordings fail with a message “There is no recording for this meeting”. Even if there are other recordings for the same webinar id.
We are mentioning few APIs as a sample, However, all APIs related to recordings get affected.
Also, we may have not tried deleting other recordings so not sure what happens when we keep the latest one but delete any other.

“code”: 3301,
“message”: “There is no recording for this meeting”

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
GET: /meetings/ {meetingId}/recordings
POST: /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/registrants
PUT: /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/registrants/status

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start a webinar
  2. Leave webinar
  3. Restart the webinar
  4. Delete the latest recording from zoom website
  5. Call Any of the mentioned APIs

Screenshots (If applicable)
Not required.

Additional context
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Hey @gourav.ims,

Have you tried deleting them via the API and seeing if you are still able to get the non deleted one?

We have both a Delete Meeting All Recordings and a Delete Meeting Specific Recording.



Shouldn’t it be the same?
We do not have a flow at our end where we can see the recordings and delete using APIs.
I believe the API’s is just another way of performing same actions as that from admin panel.
My guess is it will result in same behavior.

Frankly, we are not getting time to help you out in this since zoom is keeping is enough busy with sudden unannounced changes to the API and front-end behavior.
I am not sure where to raise those issues as they are part API part front-end.

Hey @gourav.ims,

Can you private message me the meetingID / meetingUUID you are passing in to delete the recording and I will investigate further?