Recording Join Token

@chunsiong.zoom Need some information. For the following scope meeting_token:read:local_recording, should the app be approved if an oauth token is being used.
Using token with s2s is working, but for oauth it is not working for some odd reason, I have added the scopes to my zoom app marketplace too,

same credentials for oauth and s2s are being used.
code is :

            meeting_id =
            passcode =
            user_id = str(

            is_zoom_oauth = session.get('is_zoom_oauth', False)
            token = session.get('zoom_access_token') if is_zoom_oauth else None
            if is_zoom_oauth and token:
                auth_token = 'Bearer ' + token
                print('auth token',token)
                token= S2S_Auth()
                auth_token = 'Bearer ' + token

            response = requests.get(
                headers={'Authorization': auth_token}
            if response.status_code == 200:
                join_token = response.json().get('token')  # Make sure 'token' is the correct key
                print(f"Failed to obtain local recording join token. Status code: {response.status_code}")
                return jsonify({'success': False, 'message': f'Failed to obtain local recording join token. 

When passed, the response is

response <Response [400]>
Failed to obtain local recording join token. Status code: 400
Status code: {response.status_code}'}), 400

Even on postman if we hit the api with correct headers, response is

    "code": 4711,
    "message": "Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[meeting_token:read:admin:local_recording, meeting_token:read:local_recording]."

But works fine for s2s auth.
Please clarify.

@chunsiong.zoom @donte.zoom @amanda-recallai please have a look.

Thanks for the tag, @management1! I’m happy to help. To clarify my understanding, you’ve enabled the meeting_token:read:local_recording scope and you can successfully request the local recording token when using your server-to-server app., but not with OAuth? Could you specify the type of app you’re using? Are you using the New Unified Build Flow Marketplace App type?

Also, are you trying to get the token for a user within your account or outside of your account?