Recording paused/resumed webhook doesn't have a timestamp

It seems like there is a gap in the data for recordings where there is a pause during it. Even subscribed to the recording paused/resumed events, you don’t get a timestamp for when the recording was actually paused/resumed. You could potentially infer based on when the webhook came in but that seems a rather inaccurate assumption to make given the nature of the web. Are there plans to add an event timestamp for recording paused/resumed so that you can nail down when that actually happened relative to the video file you get?

We’re trying to line up things like sharing started/stopped to the video stream but if there is a pause in the middle of the recording then the video file is shorter than what is reported by the recording_start/recording_end fields. The meeting sharing started/stopped have a timestamp field in them but the recording paused/resumed does not. When will this be added as it seems to be a big hole in getting accurate data for recordings with pause(s) in them?

Hi @zoom-test,

Thank you for posting this!

We have sent your suggestions to our Engineering Team. They will take this into consideration and may add the features in our future releases if it aligns with our roadmap.

You can track our changelog here.


This is still an issue with missing data in the paused/resumed webhooks. Is this still on the roadmap?

Hey @ryan,

Yes, we do plan on adding timestamps to webhooks. (ZOOM-136778)

It is in our backlog.

Just an update, the release for this fix is tentatively scheduled for September / October.