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please, we have the following need in our application: We need to display a timer with the current recording time (if there is one in progress in the zoom cloud) for the user to use and later locate subjects in the video/recording. How could I do this? Is there an endpoint for this(give me the time)? I was using webhooks (recording events) but we noticed that it’s not a safe thing, since many times the events don’t arrive in a timely manner.

thank you

Thank you for your post. Currently, the best practice is to use the webhook recording events. Would you be able to share which webhook events you are not receiving in a timely matter? For reference, I’ve linked the Using Zoom Webhooks help documentation below:


We are subscribing to the following events:
“recording. stopped”.

I was already aware about the reference you linked here.
What happens is that sometimes the webhook’s events just doesn’t arrive… and we can’t wait another 5 minutes, 25 minutes,… in the last 3 months, for example, there have been several failures, some because of our infrastructure (firewall blocking some requests), but others due to Zoom failures, such as a certain time(some days while) when we didn’t receive “recording. stopped” events without having changed anything in the Webhook App settings, and with the event keeped in the subscribed list there on the marketplace… Then I opened a support ticket for Zoom, and then the event started to be sent again, without me having done anything on the Webhook App…

So, I lost my confidence in using webhook events for my App requisites…

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