Recurring Event Concept

I am facing issues in creating a recurring meeting for monthly and custom events other than recurring meeting
this I am passing in the payload for recurrence
“recurrence”: {
“type”: 1,
“repeat_interval”: 1,
“weekly_days”: “2”,
“end_times”: 10

Hi @abhijit.a
Thanks for reaching out to us
Could you share with me the entire request body that you are passing please?

Hii @elisa.zoom
this is my full-body payload
“topic”: “Zoom API Demo”,
“type”: 2,
“start_time”: “2023-09-07T10:00:00”,
“duration”: 150,
“timezone”: “Asia/Kolkata”,
“password”: “zoom123”,
“agenda”: “Learn how to use the Zoom API”,
“whiteboard”: true,
“settings”: {
“host_video”: true,
“participant_video”: true,
“join_before_host”: true,
“mute_upon_entry”: true,
“watermark”: false,
“use_pmi”: false,
“waiting_room”: false,
“approval_type”: 0,
“registration_type”: 1,
“audio”: “both”,
“auto_recording”: “cloud”,
“enforce_login”: false,
“enforce_login_domains”: “”,
“alternative_hosts”: “”,
“global_dial_in_countries”: ,
“registrants_email_notification”: true,
“meeting_authentication”: false
“recurrence”: {
“type”: 1,
“repeat_interval”: 1,
“weekly_days”: “2”,
“end_times”: 10