Recurring meetings have disappeared

My recurring meetings suddenly disappeared though not schedule to expire until Dec 25th (another month away). The links I had already posted for my classes still work, however. I just can’t access from my downloaded zoom app, which is only slightly inconvenient.

Which version?
Not sure

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  1. Go to ‘…’
  2. Click on ‘…’
  3. Scroll down to ‘…’
  4. See error

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@joshua.kellenberger Here are the ways to fix that.
1: If you would like to schedule a zoom meeting, then go to

2: Click “Create” At the top left, then click “Add zoom meeting” At the bottom of that tab.

After you click that, Google will automatically add the link to a zoom meeting, with the Meeting ID and password.
Really hope this helped.
@PantherDeveloper :smile:
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I know how to create a zoom meeting. I’ve been hosting zoom meetings six hours a day for 6 months. What I’m confused about is why I could open up my zoom app on my computer and see all my upcoming meetings until yesterday and they were all gone. I checked the expiration date of each meeting, and it’s set for Dec 25th. I don’t see why they’d disappear. And yet they’re gone. I supposedly have no upcoming meetings.

Any other ideas?



Hey @joshua.kellenberger,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

I am sorry this is happening to you, and it must be frustrating that they suddenly disappeared. Unfortunately this forum is for developer questions, but I think the people over at should be able to help you out with resolving this issue. :slight_smile:


Ah, thank you, Michael. I’m totally in the wrong place. I appreciate your grace and kindness.


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No worries at all, I hope you get your issue resolved :slight_smile:


Was this resolved? Having the same issue, please post link to resolution. thanks

Hey @voteforguy,

If your meetings have disappeared unexpectedly, I would reach out to for assistance. This forum is for developer questions only.