Recurring meetings going missing



We’re using v1 of the REST api to create, update, and get meetings for our users. We create the meetings as recurring without a fixed time (type 3). It’s our understanding that recurring meetings don’t expire for a long time (a year?). Unfortunately, we’ve been seeing many errors that meetings can’t be found (ZoomError: 3001 - Meeting X is not found or has expired).

We see this error when using{get|update}.

Here’s an example:

$ curl \
    >     -X POST \
    >     -d api_key=our_api_key \
    >     -d api_secret=our_api_secret \
    >     -d id=141436917 \
    >     -d host_id=X5lpMugTRyaEDy5OrrCTDw
    {"error":{"code":3001,"message":"Meeting 141436917 is not found or has expired."}}

From our records, the meeting was created just fine (sensitive fields removed):

  "type": 3,
  "uuid": "KtfmVhFUR4uuDaCH8kcHQA==",
  "status": 0,
  "host_id": "X5lpMugTRyaEDy5OrrCTDw",
  "duration": 0,
  "password": "",
  "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
  "created_at": "2019-01-09T17:48:54Z",
  "option_jbh": false,
  "start_time": "",
  "updated_at": "2019-01-09T18:04:05Z",
  "option_audio": "voip",
  "h323_password": "",
  "option_use_pmi": false,
  "option_cn_meeting": false,
  "option_host_video": true,
  "option_in_meeting": false,
  "option_start_type": "video",
  "option_enforce_login": false,
  "option_alternative_hosts": "",
  "option_participants_video": true,
  "option_enforce_login_domains": ""

Are we storing/retrieving our recurring meetings incorrectly, or is there a bug on your end causing our meetings to disappear?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @conner,

The meetings should be still there, you may want to see if the meetings are located within your Zoom portal first.
Also, we’re no longer supporting V1 of our APIs as of last November 2018, for dedicated support we recommend to migrate to V2 of our APIs.