Recurring meetings show up as scheduled, not just generic 'recurring meeting'

On the PC app under Meetings, all recurring meetings are simply listed under the generic heading “Recurring Meeting”. Any one-time meetings are listed under a heading of “Day, Month, Date” (ie, “Wed, March 10”). I would love the Recurring Meetings to also be listed under the appropriate Day/Month/Date headings.

Since most of my meetings are recurring meetings, this isn’t very useful. I’ve got Zoom and Gsuite (Google Calender) integrated, so the Zoom app should be fetching the dates of the recurring meetings. Meaning, I don’t really want to look at my Google Calender - ever. It serves it’s purpose to hold everything in my schedule, but the only things that matter in my day are the Zoom meetings. So I’d like to be able to just look at the Zoom app and it will tell me when my next meeting is. Yes, Google Calendar is set up to remind me of all my calendar events, but I love the little Zoom pop-up that shows 10 minutes before my next meeting and I can click snooze or start now.

Thank you - Zoom is really awesome. I test drove your biggest competitors for a week and they pale in comparison on all fronts to your product. You have me as a loyal, thankful customer and I’m a tough sell!