Redirect to a web page at the end of the meeting

How can I redirect to an external web page at the end of the meeting?

I’m using the Zoom web sdk. My app (written in React & Typescript) joins an existing meeting.

Here’s my code (simplified), trying to redirect to CNN website (The URL is included in the app’s domain allow list configuration).

var zoomSdk: any;

useEffect(() => {
capabilities: [“openUrl”]

await zoomSdk.onMeeting((eventInfo: any) => {
zoomSdk.openUrl({ url: “” });
}, )

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @haim.buchbut
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Have you tried using ‘leaveURL’ in your Zoom.init function?

Thanks. We’re actually using the ZoomSdk API (not the ZoomMtg).

The weird thing is that the openUrl works on other events handlers (e.g. onShareApp, onAppPopout, onExpandApp), but not on onMeeting event.
It’s not a matter of configuration - it’s defined both on the app setup and in the config capabilities list.

Why it doesn’t work on the onMeeting event? Is there other way to redirect at the end of the call with the zoomSdk API?

@elisa.zoom - any update on this?