After meeting completed get aknowledement

I have patient-doctor management application. I am creating meeting
Once meeting is started we are redirect user into zoom website/desktop but after meeting complete is there any way to redirect patient into website?
Also need to pass some parameter because need to identify which patient this is?

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
Using latest SDK and feel free to change version

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Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Are you using the Component or Client View Web SDK for your patient-doctor management application? To redirect back to your application, you can use the leaveurl in the init function to redirect back to your application. Or for component View, you can use the leaveURL in the meeting config.

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Currently, I am using Rest API for create meetings and for join we simply open the URL which are returns into Rest API response.

I’m not much aware about zoom webSDK and Component so, I am explaining my requirement and please suggest best option for me.

As you know I’m using patient-Doctor video calling application and once meeting is ended need to update some database fields and ask for review so, mainly we need meeting leave event or redirect to our website once meeting done.

As per my understanding, zoom view webSDK is used for join meeting inside our website and will get leave event when patient leave meeting(we don’t required for host leave event).

Please suggest best way to achieve my all requirements.

  1. Zoom client webSDK is free or paid?
  2. Should we create meeting using rest API and join from client webSDK?
  3. Should we identify either Patient leave meeting or Doctor leave meeting? because only patient add review.

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First, our APIs are used for pre and post meeting operations only. Secondly, for in meeting operation we have SDKs which are platform agnostics. So for any pre and post meeting operation, you will have to use our API. And for any in meeting operations, you will have to use our SDK. Some of our API endpoints do work with free accounts like create / update/delete meeting. We recommend having PRO or above level plans to use our APIs. You can sign up for a Pro Account here. The Zoom API and Client SDKs are available to all Pro, Business, and Enterprise accounts at no additional cost.

This decision will ultimately be based on the user- experience you want to give your user base. If you are looking to provide a seamless experience, you can do so by making a Post request to Create a meeting API endpoint from the application.

Create a meeting

Not sure I am understanding your questions. I can’t say what you should do because the decision will be contingent on your use case. However, it is my understanding that the redirect URL is only triggered when the host ends the meeting. If the user leaves a meeting, there is no mechanism to redirect that user back to your application while the meeting is still going on.

I don’t think there is a technical way to solve your problem. Patients will probably use the appropriate zoom meeting app (Windows, iOS, Android) - and there CAN’T be a automatic link to a ‘foreign’ (your) website.

The only possibility would be the mandatory use of the Zoom Meeting Web SDK - there it is possible to create a special link at the end of the meeting - for each patient a different one.

But this link is called ONLY when the participant finishes the meeting correctly, if he simply closes the browser - nothing happens.


Thank you Jurgen for your valuable feedback.

Really, Appreciate and help me to clear my doubt.

Thank you Donte for your valuable feedback.

You’re welcome @bhalodik !

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