Reduce Zoom SDK size

Integrating latest ZOOM SDK has impacted the size of our app greatly. Are there any optimisations or changes that can be done either in SDK or at the app end to reduce the ipa size?

Hi Neha,

Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, our SDK footprint is fixed so we don’t have any ways to reduce the SDK size.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

How many MB did it add? Wondering for our own considerations

Hi riskdiceshaker,

Thanks for the reply. Our SDK became slightly larger than before since we have introduced new features such as virtual background, etc.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,

Is there any other way to reduce the size or can we remove some of the features for iOS ? current SDK size is very large.

Hi @uzair.danish,

Thanks for the reply. Currently there is no other way to reduce the size. I will forward your feedback to the engineering team and we will investigate how to reduce the size in the future.