Increase in iPA size after SDk integration

Our ipa size has increased drastically from 67 MB to 230 MB after integrating Zoom Meetings SDk.

Is there any way to fix it??


@hassan.javed ,

Thanks for the question! Our iOS SDK is now offered in .xcframework, which means it includes support for both device and the simulator. If you do not need the simulator support, you could remove the “iOS-i386_x86_64-simulator” in the MobileRTC.xcframework. That will reduce the size quite a bit. Although this should not matter when you build the SDK for production if your build configuration is properly set, the final package size won’t include the simulator one.

You may also remove unused image files in MobileRTCResources.bundle, but that contributes just a little in the case of reducing the app size.

Also, Apple provides some official ways to reduce the app size:

Let me know if this helps.

I have removed simulator support but still the size is too large. Almost 3x.

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