Reducing the size of the Meeting SDK (iOS + Android)

Hi, we’ve been using the Meeting SDK for iOS and Android for a few years. Over time, the size of our app has increased and recently we’ve been hitting the size limit for both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Our largest dependency is the Meeting SDK. What are the options available to reduce the size of the Meeting SDK on iOS and on Android? Is there any way to exclude certain large features (i.e. virtual backgrounds, etc)


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@developer-whova , could you share the a high level breakdown of component sizes (in MB) of SDK + APP for each platform which you are seeing right now?


iOS (uncompressed universal bundle):

Total size: 282.4 MB

MobileRTC:  71.6 MB (25.4%)
MobileRTCResources: 35.5 MB (12.57%)

Our android team is preparing the breakdown for our Android app as well



Total size: 398.7 MB

Zoom SDK: 200.8 MB


Just wanted to followup on this

Just wanted to follow up on this thread

@developer-whova ,

This is still work in progress.
Nonetheless here are some alternative.

Would web sdk on mobile browser work for the time being?