Refresh token before firing API using Webhooks by Zapier

I need help to Refresh Token before firing the API using Webhooks by Zapier.
I have read the doc
but I don’t manage to get it to work.

Here are my screen shots form Zoom

I need to refresh the token in order to make my App works

Please help

Hi @sylv1.montreuil,

In order to refresh an access_token, you will need to grab the refresh_token value from the API response of your original request to retrieve a token:

You will then pass this refresh_token value as a query param in a subsequent request to this endpoint:<value>

Refreshing an access token requires its own API request. Please keep in mind that each time you get an access_token or refresh a token, a new refresh_token value will be returned, so you will need to make sure you’re always using the latest value.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

Hi @will.zoom

Thanks for your reply,
I need help. I don’t understand how to get the API response and apply it to zapier.

I understand that I need to do a GET call
just like this?

But I get this as a response

Thanks for the clarification

Hey @sylv1.montreuil,

Thanks for sharing this. I think part of the issue here might be that you’re trying to complete this initial step in Zapier, instead of in the browser. This first step in getting the access_token and refresh_token is a one time manual step that is completed by going to the URL you construct using those query params shown in your screenshot.

Once you get the code by navigating to the URL in the browser, you should then be able to complete steps 2 and 3 (refresh) programmatically.

Let me know if this helps,