Refresh token is giving response "reason":"Invalid Token!","error":"invalid_request"

We have business account. I am facing one issue earlier it were working for me in my development environment but suddenly something happened and getting error. Just for your information we are storing in database of access_token and refresh_token and on expiring current current token invoking refresh token api with refresh_token you can see in code. earlier it were working but not sure why suddenly it start giving error.

When I am create very first token with grant_type=authorization_code it is working fine and I am getting token from zoom server.

But I having issue with grant_type=refresh_token - here is my code in Adobe ColdFusion-

var wsReqUrl =this.wsZoomAuthUrl & “/token?” & “grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=” & wcqLastRefreshToken.refresh_token;
var authorization= wcsZoomEncode.generateCode(ClientId, ClientSecret);
var h = new com.adobe.coldfusion.http();
h.addParam(type=“header”,name=“Authorization”,value=“Basic #authorization#”);
var wcsResult = h.send().getPrefix();

I added in header during post method and without adding content type but did not helped.

  1. // h.addParam(type=“header”, value=“application/x-www-form-urlencoded”, name=“Content-Type”);
  2. //h.addParam(type=“header”, value=“application/x-www-form-urlencoded”, name=“Content-Type”);

Appreciate If someone give me quick response. My oAuth App name is LocaloAuthApp Please let me know if need any other information.

Hey @nsaxena,

I was not able to reproduce your issue.

Make sure you are using the latest refresh token each time. I suggest testing the OAuth flow from scratch in Postman to see if you get the same error.


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