Refresh Token with account Basic, Pro, Business and Enterprise?

Refresh Token with account Basic, Pro, Business and Enterprise?

I started to try it with OAuth, now I see you have 4 different users equivalent to basic, pro, business and enterprise.

My question is:

  • Here Basic and Pro successfully.
  • But Business and Enterprise accounts not use tokens?


Welcome to the Developer Forum and thank you for posting. I am not sure I’m understanding your questions. Can you provide more context on what you are looking to accomplish? Also, it would help if you can share the resources you mentioned with 4 different users equivalent to basic, pro, business, and enterprise? To clarify, in order to use the Developer Portal on the Zoom marketplace, an account member must have Developer permission. Any Basic/Free account can be used to access certain APIs. However, in order to work with certain endpoints, that account member will need a Pro or higher plan. If a basic account member needs to test an API, we recommend considering the monthly option for the license needed. For more information on Developer Accounts, please see our help documentation here. Further information and assistance regarding API usage and pricing can be found on the API Plans page, or contact a Zoom Sales Engineer.

Let me know if this helps to answer your questions.


Hi, @donte.S
After some time of operation, initially when our users use basic and pro account it works normally But now when our users use business and enterprise account it I’m getting an error for the above 2 accounts.

When the token period expires, it will refresh the token, but from the 2nd token refresh on, it gives an error invalid_grant.

We are using api refresh code: Zoom Developer Docs


To confirm, when you say the 2nd token refresh on gives an error invalid_grant. Do you mean the refresh token returned in the previous Refreshing an Access Token request, gives an error invalid_grant. ? Please note, while is refresh tokens are valid for 15 years, you can only use it once. Any additional request made with that refresh token will return an error. The latest refresh token must always be used for the next refresh request.

@donte.zoom ,
Currently, I have used the latest refresh token method but still the error


To investigate this further, can you submit a request with our support here:

Be sure to include the link to this post along with the following fields with questions marks (i.e.Time/Date of Request, OAuth User Details, AccountID, Refresh Token, Access Token, and ExpiresAt).

Complete Refresh Token API request :

Headers :


Error Message returned :

{“reason”:“Invalid Token!”,“error”:“invalid_grant”}

Time/Date of Request:


OAuth User Details :


AccountID :

Refresh Token :

Access Token :

ExpiresAt :

This information will help speed up the investigation process.


We have completed the above requirements, but the results are not as we expected. For security reasons we have sent this to the Zoom team by email:

Thanks for the update @fajizy! The team will be able to take a closer look at our logs and diagnose what may be happening.

Thanks again for updating us!

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Thank you. I hope to receive an email reply from the Zoom team as soon as possible.


Is the API return the user information? Does the user’s return information include a Business account?

@donte.zoom I hope you reply to my comment

Apologies for the delay, @fajizy! Yes, the /me context for the Get a user API will return the user information, regardless of the account type. I’ve linked our help documentation of this topic below for your review, but let me know if there is anything that I can help clarify.

The /me Context

I hope the Zoom team can reply to my email sooner, we look forward to hearing from you.

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