Oauth zoom Authorisation for multiple users using same zoom account


I have a query regarding zoom oauth implementation. The use case is like if multiple users from our platform has authorised to same zoom account. Will the access token and refresh token will be different for both user ?
For example: If we have a ZoomAccount1 and two users - user1 and user2.
Both user, user1 and user2 have authorised/linked zoomAccount1 .
Will the refreshtoken of zoom will be different or same for user1 and user2.
And if user1 has deauthorised/unlinked/revoke his zoomAccount1. What will happen to user2 because he is also using the same zoom account ? Will he still be authorised ? or his refresh token will get revoked too ?

Please reach back asap as this is a case we need to handle on urgent basis. Our integration is almost completed and we want to know if this use case is possible to handle or not ?

Thanks and Regards
Prachi Tiwari

@prachi.tiwari Hope you will be fine.

It totally depends on your OAuth App

→ If App is User-Level then each user will be individually authorized and deauthorized.

eg. In your scenario User1 authorized has its own Access & Refresh Token and once User1 deauthorized himself then only his/her creds will be removed and User2 still have active creds (Access/Refresh Tokens).

→ If App is Admin-Level then it will be installed and revoked by only Admins only.

@prachi.tiwari If still have any queries please ask. Thanks

Hey @freelancer.nak ,

Thanks for replying. Yes, my app is user managed app. But my question is both the users are using same zoom account. Isn’t refresh token are created for that zoom account ? Just want to clarify on this ?

If even after using same zoom account, the tokens or flow is different for both users then i think it would suffice my case. Please can you elaborate on this and help me understand the whole case.

Thanks in advance.
Prachi Tiwari