Register and unregister users from a meeting via API



I am using the API successfully create a meeting which requires users to register.

I  am also able to register users for this meeting via the API.

However, there does not appear to be any option to _unregister _the users from this meeting.

Also, is there any way to modify the email notification settings for users that have been registered via the API?

For instance, disabling the automatic emails which users receive upon being registered?



Hi Peter,


There is not a way to unregister for a meeting. This behavior is the same as if you created a meeting using the web UI and a user registered manually through a registration page, they can’t then unregister.

There is no way to prevent the notification from going out either. However you can customize the email under - this will help too

Thanks Joshua.


From the web UI you can view the registrants and also choose to cancel their registration for there - is there a way to do this via the API?

Additionally, in the e-mail notification that Zoom sends them when they register, there is a link for them to unregister from the meeting right at the bottom “You can cancel your registration at any time.”

Is there no way to replicate this behaviour in order to cancel a specific users registration?

Thanks for your help



Hi Peter,


Apologies, you are correct!


Because this is available through the web UI it should be available via the API. I’m filing a ticket to see if it is implemented yet, or if just missing from documentation. Will keep you updated.



Thanks Joshua that would be great a very useful addition to the API if not already available.

Look forward to the updates on this. 



So there is a hack for this I discovered. It appears the “cancel registration” links that are created for the user can be used.


explained: https://{vanity_url}{meeting_number}/cancel?user_id={user_id}

You can simply make a GET request to the URL to unregister (cancel registration) for a user


This is an unoffical solution but does work, filed a ticket to get official API

Thanks Joshua, great idea, I will use this workaround for now!


For anyone else who has had this issue, an update on Joshua’s answer:


You can simply make a GET request to the URL to unregister (cancel registration) for a user"

user_id is the registrant_id that the user is assigned for that meeting, NOT the id for the user’s zoom account. So technically URI to make get request is:


I can confirm that this method works to unregister a user. Looking forward to official API implementation of this feature.



This hack https://{vanity_url}{meeting_number}/cancel?user_id={registrant_id} is not working for me, whenever i am using it I am getting 404 with response object some junk. can you please give me more details