Registration of Participants Not Working

I’m scheduling a meeting on which participants must go through registration process before joining in. In the registration page, participants must answer specific questions and provide required information about themselves.

This “Registration” feature absolutely works if the participants have zoom account and had logging in (or sign up) to their account. However, this is not the case if some participants do not want to login (signup), instead, they just click the join button in their zoom app. Then it seems that the “Registration” feature bypassed by this way of joining in. Example:


In this picture, there is 3 option for a user: Sign In, Sign Up, Join Meeting.
In this case, if the user click the “join meeting” button without signing in, then the registration process that I set-up is not working. Instead the user will just receive a pop-up “Finish registration to join the meeting” where it only required to provide just two fields: “Your Name” and “Your Email”. The user does not redirected to the custom questions I set.

My question is how to force the participant to go through the registration process even without signing in?

Hi @deltafir3,

Thanks for reaching out.

To clarify, are you saying that a meeting with registration required is not asking your custom questions, but the rest of the registration is being prompted for users? Have you ensured that your customs are set as required in the UI?

Do you have a screenshot for the registration page for a non-logged in user? Let me know if you can provide any other additional details as well and I’m happy to take a closer look.


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