Registration Questions “custom_questions” are limited to 50 answers

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It is possible that the problem will be fixed soon ? @will.zoom

Hi @bportakh,

I believe this should be addressed now. Do you have a more recent example?


Hi @will.zoom ,

I have tried the same custom question that I previously did, just with other meeting id, because the old meeting does no longer exist. I am getting same behavior: same error in case there 50 or more answers and success if I decrease to 50.


HTTP Method

Request Body

            "United States",
            "American Samoa",
            "Antigua and/or Barbuda",
            "Bosnia and Herzegovina",
            "Bouvet Island",
            "British lndian Ocean Territory",
            "Brunei Darussalam",
            "Burkina Faso",
            "Cape Verde",
            "Cayman Islands",
            "Central African Republic",
            "Christmas Island",
            "Cocos (Keeling) Islands",
            "Cook Islands"

Response Code
400 Bad Request

Response Body

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <message>Validation Failed.</message>
        <message>Invalid field.</message>

Hi @bportakh,

To clarify, there is a limit of 50. It looks like you have 51 here.


Hi @will.zoom,

Yes, the original topic was request to adjust the limit, because it does not make sense to not have a limit on UI, but to have it as low as 50 on API. It is still giving error for 51 and working as expected for 50. I provided an example that it is still failing for 51. I am getting confused, so is the issue addressed or not ?

Hi @bportakh,

My sincere apologies for any confusion—I realize now that my initial response was misleading.

To clarify, this limit of 50 is still in place for the API. While I’ve asked our Engineering to explore the possibility of expanding this limit, I don’t have a concrete timeline for when or if this might be completed.

For now, you will need to work within the constraints of the API or use the UI if you need to add more than 50 custom questions.

My apologies once again for any undue confusion,

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