"Related to" list is Salesforce Softphone

Adding More Standard Object - Lead Object is missing from the “Related To” sections of the Zoom Phone Softphone in Salesforce. Is there a way this can be added ? Sometimes we talk to a contact such a representative that puts us in touch with a Lead, so we want the call to be related to both a contact and a lead object.

Removing Object not needed - The related to list in the softphone is very lengthy and would be nice to be able to pair it down to the objects that we use.

Adding Custom Objects to the related list - We use services a lot, and would be great if custom objects could be added.

Hi @epintard ,

Could you please supply the documentation you’re referencing? Thanks!


Hi Gianni,

In the Zoom Softphone in Salesforce, there are a handful of Object options in the related list that are not needed. We wish we could have the option to remove ones we don’t need and to also be able to add Custom Objects, we have one called “Services”. I tried to attach a picture to this post but isn’t working.